Sweet Surrender Dessert Cafe

Elegant. Unique. Delicious.

Sweet Surrender is an award-winning dessert café renowned for its decadent desserts. Desserts from Sweet Surrender can be ordered for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, showers and other occasions. Open late, the café provides a warm and inviting atmosphere for anyone desiring dessert after dinner and away from the house. The pastry chefs at Sweet Surrender are constantly creating new desserts and adding new favorites to the menu of classic desserts that have made Sweet Surrender such a popular dessert destination for more than 20 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I place my order?   

All of the desserts at Sweet Surrender are made to order. We kindly request that customers allow one week's notice (or seven days) when placing basic orders. This allows for you, the customer, to get the freshest dessert made exactly to your specifications. Though we can often accommodate orders placed with less notice, your dessert options will be limited. 

Specials orders such as square cakes, sheet cakes, and fondant embellished cakes should be ordered at least 10-14 days in advance whenever possible, as these are not standard sizes and often take extra time to bake and decorate. Tiered cakes, 3D cakes, and sculpted cakes should be ordered a minimum of two weeks in advance, as we have limited space available, as a small boutique bakery.

At Sweet Surrender, we try to give each dessert all of the time and devotion it needs in order to be both beautiful and delicious. Because of this, there are occasionally weeks when Sweet Surrender is so busy we cannot take any last minute orders, so the earlier you can place an order, the better.

2. Are the flavors, fillings, and desserts listed on your Dessert Menu all that you offer?    

No. If you have a flavor, filling, or dessert in mind that you do not see listed, do not hesitate to ask. In addition to the desserts listed on the website, we have an entire menu of miniature dessert available for catering. A list of our miniature desserts is available upon request.

Our pastry chefs also enjoy creating new recipes and desserts, so if you are looking for a specific flavor profile that is not listed, ask to talk with a Chef and see what they can create for you!

3. Do you have a price list?    

Each of our cakes are custom made, therefore we have no set price list. The price of a cake is based on the number of servings and the amount of detail involved in the decorating of each cake. We do have base prices for each of our cakes, excluding extensive decoration. Call us for more info.

4. Can you deliver my birthday cake?    

We recently partnered with Nanz & Kraft Florists to offer a small selection of our desserts for purchase online and delivery! Order here!

For more specialty desserts, we do not offer standard delivery, because we do not have a delivery person on staff. We make exceptions based on our availability and the distance to be traveled. On the rare occasions that we do make deliveries, we charge a minimum fee of $35.  We never deliver cakes ordered less than a week in advance.

While we do regularly deliver our wedding cakes, they are scheduled months in advance. If you are in need of delivery for a small order, the earlier you place the order, the more likely we will be able to schedule the delivery of your cake. 

5. Can you design my cake for me?     

We always request an inspiration photo or a copy of your event invitation or decorations, so that we can assist you in designing your ideal cake. We do not like to choose designs without your input, because our decorators don’t know your taste preferences or the people who will be attending your event. 

6. Can you tell me how much the cake in this picture costs?    

Cakes can be made in many different sizes. Often times people ask us how much a picture of a cake that fed over 100 people would cost, when they only need something to feed 15 people. If you can let us know how many people you need to feed, then we can provide you with a customized quote. We recommend using the Request A Quote form on this website, which gives us all of the information we need to provide you with correct pricing.

7. I have an allergy, can you make a cake to accommodate this? 

We do offer desserts that are made without nuts, desserts that are made without milk, desserts made without eggs, and desserts that are made without gluten. However, we use all of these ingredients in many of our other recipes, and we do not have designated kitchen spaces to handle each particular allergen. All of our cakes are made using the same pans and utensils. If we are aware of an allergy, we always do our best to be very careful when we bake your specific desserts, but there is always the possibility of cross contamination, since we don't have the space to have a separate prep area for each allergy. Though we are very careful, we can not make any promises. We often refer to our friends at Annie May's Sweet Cafe for severe allergies.  

8. Do you make gluten free, vegan, or sugar free desserts?

Yes we do! Check out our Alternative Diets Menu for more information.

9. Can you make a cake with a photograph on it?

As of May 2018, Sweet Surrender finally has an edible image printer!

10.  Can I place the order for my cake via email? 

Sweet Surrender requests that orders be placed via phone (502) 899-2008, rather than email whenever possible. If placing an email order, kindly keep in mind that our email is not checked multiple times a day. Be sure to include: day the cake is needed, how many the cake should serve, and a contact phone number. You are welcome to include photos of cakes if you have a specific design in mind.Or simply fill out our Request A Quote form!  If you need a dessert within the same week, it is best to call rather than email. We are happy to help you plan a cake via email; however please allow a few extra days for this form of planning.

11. I am planning a party!  Can I just walk in and meet with a decorator, pastry chef, or dessert coordinator to design and price out my cake at any time of day?

Any of our staff is happy to meet with you in person to design a cake; we simply ask that you schedule an appointment whenever possible. Our pastry chefs and decorators tend to be very busy during the day making all kinds of delicious desserts! While they are happy to meet with you whenever they can, they get to work rather early in the morning, so they often leave by 4:00 P.M. If you need a meeting with someone in the evening, a dessert coordinator or server should be able to help you with your needs. However, the cafe can get very busy after 8:00pm, so we recommend coming in before that. 

We offer complimentary Wedding Cake Tasting Consultations, and Event Tasting Consultations for events with 100 or more guests attending. These free tastings are done by appointment only. Call 502-899-2008 to schedule one.  You can learn more about our Wedding Consultations on our Wedding Page.

All other Tastings have a fee of $15. You will get a chance to sample three cake options. If you decide to use us for your event, that $15 is then forwarded towards the payment of your desserts. 

12. I don’t like super sweet desserts, can you make me a dessert that isn’t very sweet?

This is request that we can not fill. Our name is Sweet Surrender, after all, so you can expect all of our desserts to be somewhat sweet. Our staff can recommend a cake that might be a little bit lighter than some of our other offerings, and that many people who don’t like sweet desserts still enjoy. We have found over the years that many people who do not normally like sweet desserts still like ours. Because we make everything from scratch, we have more control over what goes into our cakes and icings. We do not use any high fructose corn syrup or other sugary preservatives. We recommend that you come in and buy a slice of cake before ordering a whole cake if you have never tried our desserts before. 

13. does the cafe take reservations?

Sweet Surrender no longer takes reservations.

If you have a party of more than 10 people, you may want to consider renting out our Private Dining Room on the second floor of Sweet Surrender.  

Should you have a large group and not want to reserve our private dining room, we recommend coming in on a weeknight, when the cafe is less busy, or before 6pm. You are welcome to call ahead, (502) 899-2008, to see if space is available for your party.

14. I would like to order a cake to celebrate my birthday and invite my friends and family to share it with me in your cafe. is this allowed?

We would love to make a cake for any and all of your special occasions! While we are happy to cut and serve a cake you have pre-ordered, we do charge a $2.00 per person plating fee. This fee covers the labor of having our servers cut your cake, serve your guests table side, and wash your dishes. These are costs to the cafe that are not included in the purchase price of our whole cakes. In addition to this plating fee, you will be charged an automatic 15% gratuity.

However, the concept of our cafe is designed to serve all of our cakes by the slice, so that each member of your party can enjoy a different cake. This way your guests can also sample each others' desserts and discover new favorites! We are happy to place a candle in a slice of cake, so that you can still have the camaraderie of your friends singing to you on your birthday.