Sweet Surrender Dessert Cafe

Elegant. Unique. Delicious.

Sweet Surrender is an award-winning dessert café renowned for its decadent desserts. Desserts from Sweet Surrender can be ordered for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, showers and other occasions. Open late, the café provides a warm and inviting atmosphere for anyone desiring dessert after dinner and away from the house. The pastry chefs at Sweet Surrender are constantly creating new desserts and adding new favorites to the menu of classic desserts that have made Sweet Surrender such a popular dessert destination for more than 20 years.


Sweet Surrender has been part of the Louisville community for over 25 years. And we like to give back to all of the wonderful people and organizations that have supported us through thick and thin. We do this through charitable giving, sponsorship, and in-store fundraising for local non-profit organizations and chapters. While we would like to help every group that asks us for a donation, we receive a quite large number of  requests each month, so aiding every group is not practical or possible for us as a small, locally owned business.

We have created the guidelines below to  help us determine where our charitable giving can best be served! We consider donation requests at the beginning and middle of each month, not on a daily basis, so please be patient with us. Due to the large number of requests we receive, you will only be notified if you are receiving a donation.

Sweet Surrender is happy to consider all non-profit organizations in the Louisville Metropolitan area. However, we do not donate to any political organizations or groups whose practices are discriminatory or non-inclusive. We donate most favorably and generously towards requests made by our most frequent customers.

In order for Sweet Surrender to make a donation or aid in fundraising, we require:  

  • Requests must be received at least 30 days prior to your event, but no more than 6 months ahead. All requests received with less than 30 days notice will be automatically declined. This includes requests for gift card donations.

  • Desserts and gift cards donated to an event, or funds raised from a fundraiser night must directly benefit a charity or organization with official non-profit status as determined by the IRS. Proof of this status must be provided.

If your group meets these requirements, please decide which of these donation options best suits your needs and fill in the form below!

partner with us for a fundraising night

Once a month, Sweet Surrender chooses a deserving organization to partner with for a fundraiser in our café! These fundraising nights always take place on a Thursday evening.

  • To be chosen, your organizations must be willing to promote the fundraising night in the local market, utilizing your social networks and passing out printed fliers.

  • Fundraising Night Partners are chosen three months in advance, in order to allow your group plenty of time to promote the event.

  • Sweet Surrender will donate a portion of the café’s dessert and drink sales from 4:00PM until 10:00PM, on the selected day of the fundraiser.

  • Sweet Surrender will also provide a gift certificate for a free 10” cake of any flavor (valued at $65), for your organization to raffle. Sweet Surrender will not provide or sell raffle tickets on your behalf.  Your group can choose how much to raffle each chance to win.

  • The turnaround time for Sweet Surrender to issue a check for funds raised is 7-14 days. All checks will be made out directly to the charity or organization. No personal checks will be issued.

request a donation

Sweet Surrender can only donate so many gift cards and desserts per month! Consider these factors when making a request:

  • Our bakery can only accommodate dessert pick-up requests during our normal café operating hours.

  • All gift card donations are mailed out directly from Sweet Surrender, and require at least one week to ship.


donation request form

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